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“There are many good reasons to own a dog, but the real reason for the dog in our life is that it gives us the unparalleled opportunity to become conscious of the judgements, reflexive thinking, and instinctual patterns we impose on the world. Dogs are here to show us how our heart works, and the judgements we hold against it. They are here to bring us a choice. Everything about dogs is reflecting back to us what is happening within us and within our society. Nothing about dogs is ever about the dog.” 
Kevin Behan “Your dog is your mirror”

“Owning a dog is a privilege with responsibilities; not a right with entitlements.” RSPCA

Leadchanges is all about dogs, dog/human psychology and exploring the connection between them. Everything we do takes this into consideration, from kennels to workshops, dog behaviour work, dog starting and puppy training. Leadchanges is for those who have a love of all things canine, who want to understand their dog beyond the level of being simply a dog lover and want to get into the mind of their dog and discover the way they think and learn.

Please note: we have recently relocated from Spain back to the UK, and we are currently based near Launceston in Cornwall. We are currently researching locations to set up our kennelling and in-house rehabilitation services. We apologise for any inconvenience during this process

Kennels (sorry, currently not available)

Small scale, personal service dog care. Home stay and day care with a difference. We aim to provide a place where we would be happy to leave our own dogs


Rehabilitation: We love to help humans and dogs to work together to resolve their problems.


Understand your dog and who he needs you to be, in a non confrontational way using play.


We help match you to the right dog and improve the chances of a successful homing by managing the transition.


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