Facebook 5 star review Tamasine was brilliant. Very patient with owner and dog. Sensible and logical approach to addressing my dogs behaviour. We will be getting a puppy soon so will be asking Tamasine back to help with training for two dogs. Would not hesitate to recommend. Thank-you!!!Read More →

Facebook 5 star review I have known Tamasine only a couple of months and the changes she has made to mine and Billebob’s life are quite outstanding. Where did my nervous, flighty, aggressive, manic dog go ?? The help, advice, kindness and understanding she has shown us has been amazing. I was at my wits end and considering putting my little boy to sleep as he was out of control. After trying all sorts of solutions I still couldn’t reach him. I then met Tamasine who within 2 weeks had showed me the way. I found a very gentle, kind, understanding, very, very intelligent young BillebobRead More →

Facebook 5 star review Unbiased very professional advice/service. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. Thank you for caring and all your help, TamasineRead More →

Ted and Yume

I contacted Tamasine due to having a 8 mth old Border collie who had been showing signs of fearfulness after we had been attacked by two dogs and I was keen for us both to gain some confidence in a controlled situation. I found from the first email contact Tamasine was kind knowledgeable and very experienced and throughout our meetings have found her methods clear and successful. I would recommend Tamasine and her canine companions.Read More →

Testimonial Luna

We would like to write something about our wonderful experience with Tamasine Smith of Leadchanges. We met Tamasine when we brought a dog to her from our mountain with our neighbor and we were impressed by the passionate, professional way she taught this dog how to become a normal family dog. We have 3 small female dogs ourselves that we thought to be a little to submissive an scared for several reasons. One is an Italian greyhound, called Fee, who with us from Holland and was scared of other people, new environments and did not like to walk. For us she was and is anRead More →

Testimonial George

This letter was sent to Alhama Street Animals Protection. To whom it may concern ALHAMA STREET ANIMALS PROTECTION (ASAP) Having been fortunate enough to rehome a street dog from the above organisation I would just like to put my very positive experience with them in writing. I was offered “George” a Pointer who badly needed rehoming via a friend of mine who is involved in the very sad plight of Spain’s street dogs and was subsequently contacted by Tamasine Smith of the above organisation with whom George was living until rehomed. Even at first contact Tamasine displayed a knowledge and friendliness which was most reassuringRead More →

Testimonial Chispa

Tamasine Smith of Leadchanges was fostering a Spanish stray dog that I was about to adopt (through Axarquia Animal Rescue). We were told Chispa (the stray) was insecure and over submissive when she first arrived. Tamasine helped her to regain confidence by treating her as a ‘normal’ dog and giving her structure. Chispa was even taken on holiday with Tamasine, her husband and their own dogs! In the short process of considering the adoption (I really wanted to adopt this time but was also afraid the dog might not fit into our life) Tamasine was very helpful in describing Chispa’s character, she was honest about theRead More →

We have just picked our rescue dog Matilda up from Tamasine Smith at Leadchanges – and am so pleased with how happy and well looked after she was. We have tried a few kennels now, and every time we have collected her she has been a bit down …and clearly missed us. This time I got the impression Tilda would have quite happily moved in with Tamasine and her lovely dogs! She got long walks every day, was allowed to hang out in the house so wasn’t lonely, made friends with the other dogs and was clearly spoilt. We asked Tamasine to help us with some issues we were havingRead More →

I can highly recommend the skills of Tamasine, the dog I took to her was virtually a feral dog and terrified of everything and everyone, within a week he was walking perfectly on a lead, interacting beautifully with her dogs, he knew the rules and he was very obedient . I would have no hesitation in sending any dog to her with any kind of issues with behavior, no matter what the problem was I would be confident she could help. Lilian Maddison      Read More →

Alison Ward posted this on Leadchanges’s Facebook timeline “Tess is settling in really well. I think this has a lot to do with the all work Tamasine put into her! That and all the ongoing help and advice Tamasine has provided. I would definitely recommend Tamasine to anyone!”Read More →