Hi Tamasine , Just wanted to say a great big thank you for looking after Hector over Christmas . As you know I was worried about leaving him as we had only taken him out of the Malaga pound 8 weeks previous . I did not need to worry at all and I really appreciated the daily videos . Updates and photos. He also leant some manners whilst he was with you . I will use you again when we are next away and will recommend you . Thank youRead More →

Dear Tamasine Thank you so much for the work you have done with Ted and with us. After your home visit we were able to start on a training programme in order to help Ted with his nervousness and to create situations to keep him occupied apart from just a daily walk. Ted now loves the games we play with him and has more or less learnt to retrieve the ball – as he is a Spanish Water Dog and not a retrieving dog we feel this is acceptable. Soon after we met you we were able to leave Ted with you whilst we tookRead More →

I sent my rescue, GSD, Rafa to Tamasine for an intensive two week period of training as he had been having issues in meeting other dogs, particularly when he was on a lead. I felt that I didn’t have the time or the right environment in order to carry out the training myself. Rafa responded very well to the training and it was wonderful to receive daily reports and videos allowing me to see the progress that was being made. The workshop at the end of the week was very interesting as it was clear that Rafa had become much calmer and more responsive toRead More →

This workshop was run by Tamasine and kindly hosted by Colin and Brenda Thompson of Eden Kennels ❝It is we who have to thank you for a very educational and enjoyable day. It was thoroughly enjoyable and informative (repeat!); the soup and cakes provided were delicious with interesting talk around the table!! Brenda and Colin were very kind accepting so many people, friends and strangers into their home unreservedly!! We certainly learnt a lot and it was nice to have things we had heard before reinforced. Thank you for the invitation!❞ Barry y Ignacio – Cocentaina. ❝Hi Brenda, Just to say thank you to youRead More →

March 3rd 2013 Tamasine has been working with us over the past three weeks teaching us how to bring stability and balance into the life of our dog, Tina. We obtained her when she was a year old without any training or guidance. She is very energetic, being of the Beagle breed, likes to run off following the scent of anything she fancies. She did not respect discipline in or out of the house. She would not obey recall commands and generally did what ever she liked. She always pulled hard on the lead making the walk more of a chore than a pleasure. TinaRead More →

After 16 years it was time to say goodbye to our dear friend Nala, she was part of our family and after the last stroke her quality of life was just not the same. We laid her to rest with all the other’s before her, at our family farm in Port Elizabeth. I am an active member of the medical team with the Animal Anti Cruelty League in PE and am well aware of all the abandoned animals in need of homes. Busta our male Lab, that had known Nala all his life was devastated, depressed and lonely. I knew the quicker we found himRead More →

Labrador Rescue South Africa first associated ourselves with Tamasine Smith in January 2012, having received notification of her upcoming seminar which covered working with dog owners, on the topic of understanding their dogs better. As a rescue organisation  this appealed greatly to us as we often re-home adult dogs to new owners who would benefit greatly from this course. We furthermore sent Priscilla, the owner of a dog called Joey to contact Tamasine and attend this seminar. Priscilla had contacted us wanting us to rehome her Labrador as she found her unmanageable. Whilst screening her, we detected that perhaps she was not quite ready to do this, andRead More →

Tamasine Smith contacted me on a Saturday afternoon after I had put my 2 year old female Labrador retriever (Joey short for Josephine) up for adoption on the Internet via lab.rescueme.org. Tamasine explained how the rehoming process worked and what she would do in the case of Joey. I could actually hear her passion for working with dogs over the telephone and there and then I decided to give my Labrador another chance and let Tamasine rehome Joey for my family instead of rehoming her for someone else! Tamasine is very knowledgeable and really understands the relationship between a dog and it’s human. What sheRead More →

I first met Tamasine towards the end of 2011.  I was a first time dog owner- and had gotten the wrong dog, as both a first time owner and for my lifestyle.  Despite the circumstances; my initial ignorance of dog needs; and the difficulty that arose from keeping a dog with no consistent exercise: I discovered her to be quite patient, and persevering against the odds.  She provided training for my dog- and also offered to help find a home that would better fulfill the Border collie breed.  It was quite a difficult decision, and still her support and encouragement exceeded what one would haveRead More →

A VERY BIG THANK YOU FROM ME, ERIK AND DANYA Hi Tamasine, I actually do not know what so say! The DVD is absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!! (we do a DVD with images of the dog in training as part of the package. Ed) It really is amazing! And I will always look at it and think back about a very good time in my life! It was such an amazing experience the days I (and Danya) spent with you! I’ve not only learned about handling a dog, but I do really think that it makes you think about yourself and how to improve yourself through yourRead More →