We all enjoyed the day on the farm with you experiencing “Leadchanges”. We didn’t know what to expect and therefore we were a bit apprehensive but it was an excellent ice breaker to have the one lady try to get the dog to obey certain commands without the human knowing what the commands were! It taught us several lessons: • You cannot give direction if you are not clear in your mind yourself which way to go. • It is unfair to your followers if you are uncertain yourself. • It is very difficult to rely on others to give you directions. • The wholeRead More →

” I have to congratulate you on a brilliant workshop. Two weeks later and I am still wondering if the workshop was about me or my dog. Or both. This workshop is a huge step towards raising of consciousness. Thank you for the lesson about the “mirrors” in life we do not notice.”Read More →

“To maintain that trust one has to have a certain degree of self trust. This was really a course that demonstrated how to be the change we want to see in others. Good Boundaries and the willingness to work with differences brings great insights, AND what is always essential is knowing where or when to draw the line, more importantly the courage to act on that knowing without leaving any trace or waiting for approval. I saw that permission is not something we ask of others, it is something we give to ourselves when we confront the fear of loss. “I see leadchanges as aRead More →