Reading List: Training

Your dog is your mirror – Kevin Behan
Be the Pack Leader – Cesar Millan
The New Work of Dogs – John Katz
Animals in Translation – Temple Grandin
If Dogs could talk – Vilmos Csányi
How to Behave so your Dog behaves – Dr Sophia Yin
Outwitting Dogs: Revolutionary techniques for dog training – Terry Ryan
It’s not the dogs, its the people – Nicole Wilde
Inside of a Dog – Alexandra Horowitz
How Dogs Learn – Jon S Bailey PhD
Dog Algebra – Tammie Rogers

Inspirational & Thinking outside the box reading:

Thinking in Pictures  – Temple Grandin
Play: How it Shapes the Brain – Dr Stuart Brown
Telling Lies and Emotions Revealed – Paul Ekman
Emotional Intelligence and Primal Leadership – Daniel Goleman
Unlimited Power and The Giant Within – Anthony Robbins
The Seven Day Weekend – Ricardo Semler
The Brain that Changes Itself – Norman Doidge
Coercion and its Fallout – Murray Sidman
Kinship with all Life – J Allen Boone
Adam’s Task – Vicki Hearne 

Links: Diploma of behaviour study/practitioner International Association of Canine Professionals Dr Sophia Yin – training, videos and articles Cesar Millan Website Kevin Behan – training and articles Learn about teaching your dog to pull a sulky Kennelling Chella, Valencia (Spain) PEPA registered charity – dog rescue Axarquia Animal Rescue (Spain) Educate yourself about Pit Bulls with Keith L Kendrick

Inspirational Videos:

Ideas for teaching tricks: