DSCF8942Tamasine Smith BCCS.CanBhvPrac worked with horses for over twenty years and taught and studied horsemanship for around half that time.  For a number of years she was also a teacher and trainer of horsemanship at her own centre, around South Africa and other countries.  Often those coming to the centre would meet the resident Ridgebacks and ask if she also trained dogs – to which the answer would be “no, only horses”.  However, over time, it became clear that although horses are considered prey animals and dogs predators, they actually both need the same thing when it comes to the humans in their lives – leadership and consistency given with calmness, confidence and compassion.  She discovered that what she taught in horsemanship lessons: that it’s about “who we need to be more than a method of training” – also applied to dogs.  This led to her taking up studies in dog behaviour and starting on a training programme for dogs.  After working with a friend and colleague to create a self-development course called Inner Game (after W. Timothy Gallwey’s books) initially using horses as the teachers, it seemed that it might work just as well with dogs.  It did. And so Leadchanges was born.

Tamasine continues her studies, also attending workshops and gaining inspiration from others. One such group was DogsandAll in South Africa who prepare dogs for protection work and sniffer dog work including drug and bomb detection.

Leadchanges moved to Spain, where Tamasine helped a number of rescue charities, including helping to set up a new group in the Alhama area where she lived. She offered a foster carer training programme and still gives ongoing support with two of the charities. She also plans to continue fund raising for them and offer them support within the UK for any of their dogs adopted here. If you are interested in adopting a dog from Spain you can contact ASAP here and AAR here.

Leadchanges is currently based near Kenninghall in Norfolk, where Tamasine continues her dog behaviourist work and the type of work she has done with groups such as Lab Rescue (South Africa), Ridgeback Rescue (South Africa), Axarquia Animal Rescue and Alhama Street Animal Protection (Spain). This work involves fostering, rehoming, home checks and rehabilitation. Tamasine’s workshops continue and an in-house rehabilitation service will be available in the near future.

Tamasine in particular loves helping people and dogs who don’t necessarily thrive in group classes.

Tamasine has a Practitioner Diploma in Dog Behaviour and certificates in Canine First Aid and Dog Law with the British College of Canine Studies, all passed with distinction. She has completed Dr Ian Dunbar’s GROWL class, TalkingDogs Scent Work 1,2 and 3 and Dr Ian Dunbar’s SIRIUS® Dog Training course. She continues with her CPD, regularly attending webinars, seminars and conferences

She is also an Associate Member of the IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals).  IACP Associates have been working as canine professionals for a minimum of three years.

Tamasine has qualifications with
British College of Canine Studies


Tamasine is a supporter
and Associate member of IACP

IACP Associate

Tamasine is a BARK Professional

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Growl Certificate