I am currently walking the Levante route of El Camino de Santiago, 1200 km through Spain from Valencia to Santiago with my two Rhodesian Ridgebacks who I recently brought with me from South Africa.

I am not a writer but love to write and I have been putting together a blog in order to document my journey, partly for friends and family and partly to help others who wish to walk this path.  The pageviews seem to increase steadily from all parts of the globe and so I want to include a link to the blog here as maybe even more people will want to explore the Camino if they visit this site. There are also other entries from time to time covering different stories from our time in Spain.

A number of people have told me I should convert it into a book, so once I have gone a bit further with my Camino Levante trail, I will start to think about this.

The Camino de Santiago is rapidly growing in popularity, partly from word of mouth and partly resulting from the Martin Sheen movie about it called “The Way”.  Although this film documents the “Francés” route, there are of course many routes to Santiago and I chose to walk the Levante Camino partly because it starts close to where I first lived in Spain and pilgrims originally would start from their own front door, and partly because it is one of the quieter routes.  Some of the Associations associated with El Camino de Santiago are trying to encourage pilgrims onto other routes because the northern French route is becoming so busy.  In addition to this, the Levante route is one of the longest in Spain and everywhere I researched it said that you “couldn’t” or advised that your shouldn’t walk with a dog!  

don’t believe in can’t and as my work over the last ten years has been with horses and more latterly dogs, helping humans to understand that anything is possible and that our animals teach us about ourselves and who we need to be, this was a challenge that had to be met! The work that I do and what it teaches us about ourselves, has I believe, led me quite naturally to this Camino – the Camino found me. So in many ways the story does not start in Spain, it starts 11,500 km away in South Africa.