Puppy Classes


Next course starts 19th January – see below

Helping owners develop the puppy they have into the dog they want and offering practical sessions that reflect what they want to do in real life – go to the cafe or pub, trips to the vet, learning to greet visitors, be a great family dog and how to just be a well mannered canine citizen. Fun sessions that are not your average puppy class and help you avoid common pitfalls. Wheelchair access.

Classes help owners learn what to do best to avoid the most common pitfalls – the development of fear issues relating to a dog’s fear periods, something often totally overlooked and helping them offer one of the greatest gifts a dog needs – learning how to deal impulsiveness.

Impulsiveness is often the single most common cause of problems for owners and leads to all sorts of things, the most common of which are leash pulling, lunging, jumping up, barking, chasing and resisting recall as everything else is more exciting. Classes build in how to work on developing elements of self control and frustration tolerance. Dogs need to know that they can’t always have or do what they want, exactly when they want it. It is really important to get on top of this while a dog is still a puppy and continue to work on it over the dog’s first few years.

Owners learn a lot more about their dog’s psychology and what makes them tick which will in turn help them know how to address issues that may crop up later once a dog reaches adolescence or the onset of social maturity. It’s important to know what to do and how to continue “after” puppy class and that shaping the dog you want is an ongoing process. Just when most people think that their dog is well socialised and has done well in classes, it’s time to get more proactive as the dog enters that adolescent period.

Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls and join Leadchanges for fun sessions that are not your average puppy class. Carried out in a safe environment along with real life scenarios and work outside where possible and weather permits.

Class information will be shown here as they are scheduled. If you want to be advised of upcoming classes, please contact us.