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This page is primarily about puppy training. We can also help with problem behaviour in young or adult or dogs, but it’s a different process. Our dog behaviour page is here.

Puppy Training – getting your puppy off to a confident and good start

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Leadchanges offers you a clear and logical programme to help you help your puppy on his or her way to being a good canine citizen and everything you need to know is taught in your home giving them the foundations for the future and real life skills that will prepare them for any class they may wish to do, any job they may wish to take up or any fun activities in which they may wish to participate.  Most people wait until their puppy can attend group classes, but by then, issues can have already set in.  Sometimes a group class is too overwhelming especially for shy puppies and they need their confidence built up before entering a group situation.

There are also issues such as house training that I often see people want to fix in a group class or training group situation, but this is something that is most logically and best taught in the home.  A group is not always the best place to start, it’s where you want to go after the basics are in place!   We do also offer group classes which focus on practical life skills – see here for info.

Learning to be well mannered and polite so that problems can be avoided or dealt with is something that is often neglected along with helping owners learn more about the psychology and development of their dogs so that they avoid the pitfalls of things like “fear periods”.  Owners also learn more about appropriate and inappropriate play and work at developing the kind of “adult” they want – we often spend too much time allowing a cute puppy to do things that we would never want a fully grown dog to do, forgetting the consequences this may bring once the dog is 30, 40 or 50kg!  

Many owners end up relaxing over their puppy’s intensive socialisation programme because often 2, 3, 4 and 5 month old puppies can appear super friendly and sociable with everyone and everything.  The reasons to continue to socialise a well socialised puppy are not often understood and fear periods are missed or not addressed.  Sadly, by the time many owners realise they have a problem with an adolescent dog, the Critical Period of socialisation and habituation are over.

Leadchanges puppy foundations sessions help owners avoid these pitfalls.
The foundations are laid so that your puppy will learn automatic sits and how to progress to down, how to walk with you on the leash, be polite around people, grow confident and avoid jumping up.  It prepares your puppy for being left alone and helps you understand the basics of puppy and dog psychology so that you can watch out for and avoid problems occurring in fear periods, something which puppies go through at various times during their first two years.

Of course socialisation is essential, but you can lay all the foundations for your dog from day one and before he or she is going out and about regularly after the initial vaccinations.  Guidance is also given about what kind of classes to look out for and how to choose the right kind of puppy socialisation class to ensure your puppy continues to have good experiences.  Additional guidance and information includes:

  • Checklist for socialisation – dogs, humans and things
  • FREE e-books: ‘Before You Get Your Puppy’ and ‘After You Get Your Puppy’
  • Life Skills work book
  • How to avoid resource guarding
  • Building confidence to prevent separation anxiety
  • How to help your puppy through chewing phases and continue bite inhibition
  • What are fear periods and how to deal with them
  • Stages of puppy and young dog development
  • Recall exercises
  • Leash walking and walking exercises
  • Introducing a puppy to other dogs – how to meet and greet politely
  • What play should look like


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** Please note, socialisation is very important and meeting other dogs that are vaccinated and in a healthy environment should not put your puppy at risk.  The risks of not socialising should, in my personal opinion, override almost any other consideration.  It is worth checking current outbreaks of any canine diseases in your area and speak to your local Vets about this in order to make a decision.  Find owners with healthy, vaccinated dogs that can act as good, calm role models and my own dogs can also be brought to meet your puppy at an additional session if owners wish. 

Example Rates

Puppy Foundation Session £110.00

Owners should allow around 2½ hours, but puppies are not likely to work for the whole of that time. Although not essential, it is ideal if your dog is on kibble which allows us to use the entire food ration as training treats along with other higher value treats and toys.

Using the entire food ration spread over a number of training periods is more meaningful for dogs and allows us the opportunity to reward 100’s of times rather than giving free meals. Training becomes far easier and progresses faster when we control the resource and not the dog and we become a highly valued part of the process.

Session includes the following: consult and practical training, books, written personalised puppy programme for you and your dog, video clips and links to refer back to and ongoing email/phone support.

Also available on request: private in-house puppy workshops and classes

There are no travel charges applicable for those who live up to an hour away. Individual quotes are given for those who live beyond the hour travel radius. 

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