Helping with your dog’s behaviour

Leadchanges Dog Behaviour Modification“Owning a dog is a privilege with responsibilities; not a right with entitlements.” RSPCA

Leadchanges is all about dogs, dog/human psychology and exploring the connection between them.  Everything we do takes this into consideration.

Leadchanges is dog behaviour with a difference. Tamasine Smith understands the psychology of dogs and offers a way of working with your dog that you will probably not have come across before, delivering a programme of useful steps to help your dog become a full member of your family. The key is to get your dog to be part of the decision making process, taking responsibility for his/her own actions in a non coercive way. Tamasine uses science based techniques and reward based training to achieve this.

Learning is most successfully achieved in a relaxed and safe environment (for the dog, as well as the human), which is why our one to one dog behaviour work takes place in the dog’s home. Sessions should be fun, for both the dog and the human. You won’t see any of the normal training drills you might expect – rather the dogs are guided so as to make the right choice easy and the wrong choice difficult, with minimum instruction.

Most people want their dog to be a fun family member, not an obedience champion – that is our goal.

Affiliations and Qualifications

Tamasine studies with the
British College of Canine Studies


Tamasine is a supporter
and Associate member of IACP

IACP Associate

Tamasine is a BARK Professional

Leadchanges Dog Behaviour Modification

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