Puppy Class

Puppy Classes and Socialisation: – More recent thoughts on what might be best for developing our dogs and how your local creche or doggie day care can help you.  Unfortunately, the way many puppy classes are run and the information available about how to bring up a puppy and socialise them still seems to be a bit in the Dark Ages. Many people have still not heard about Dog Creches although they may be aware of Doggie Day Care.  Doggie Day Care is sometimes the same thing but many cater for smaller numbers, some looking after as few as 1 or 2 dogs.  A crecheRead More →

PUPPY CLASSES (FAMILY FRIENDLY) 6 WEEK COURSES WITH MAXIMUM 6 PUPPIES Next course starts 19th January – see below Helping owners develop the puppy they have into the dog they want and offering practical sessions that reflect what they want to do in real life – go to the cafe or pub, trips to the vet, learning to greet visitors, be a great family dog and how to just be a well mannered canine citizen. Fun sessions that are not your average puppy class and help you avoid common pitfalls. Wheelchair access. Classes help owners learn what to do best to avoid the most commonRead More →

Our rates are currently under review, and we are rebuilding the page. Please contact us for information about available services and rates: Please email us phone us: 01379 687840 or fill in the contact form below  Read More →